18 Year-old Make It So Hard

Yeah. This 18-year-old can make any man so hard, because she is so hot!

The Erin Andrews Leaked Video

Watch the tape here -


Your Dream Girl - The Perfect Housewife

Lately, there have been a lack of good quality hot pictures, mainly because of too much focus on popular actresses who are either overaged or overweight.

So here we have an almost perfect woman, with almost perfect facial organs, well-balanced body fitted with the right sized tits and boobs, and the body wrapped with an almost perfect skin. And don't expect her to have a name like Britney or Megan. Well, can't have it both ways, dude.

Watch the video for the complete picture set of this rare gem with a simple name Gina B.

Last unseen Photo of Michael Jackson taken after his death

Unreleased, uncensored, unseen photo of Michael Jackson as taken during autopsy by coroner.

Top Soap Actress Jennifer Aniston turns Nudist

Gerard Butler is annoyed. He’s annoyed by the constant speculation about who he’s dating, who he’s sleeping with, and who he’s just occasionally feeling up. Sidenote: If he really felt that strongly about it, why pose for arm-in-arm pictures with Jennifer Aniston, hm? This all comes from an interview Gerard gave to People, I suspect to promote The Ugly Truth. But he just ended up answering questions about Jennifer Aniston and the film the two of them are currently working on. Gerard calls Jennifer a “classy lady”. Of course, he also calls her “easy”, but I’m sure he meant “easy-going”. Bless his heart, the man loves his hyperbole - earlier this week he called Katherine Heigl “the sexiest, smartest, sassiest, funniest actress out there.”

Michael Jackson - Last eerie smile and last dance

[Full Released Clip] Michael Jackson's June 23 (2 days before he passed away) dress rehearsal performance of 'They Don't Care About Us' for the upcoming 'This is It' tour. Also, at the very end of this clip you'll notice an eerie smile by Michael Jackson, which is more noticeable at the end of this video at time of 1:47.