Temple of the Golden Papaya

In this Taipei temple (club), you see men and women fighting (like they do in Parliament) for a touch of the two golden sacred Papayas. These 2 papayas are really hot judging from the fierce reception from the crowds. Some people believe it will bring good luck and prosperity if you touch them more often. So people, remember to pay this Goddess a visit when you go to Taipei.

The video...

Scandalous Health Clinic

In Kao-Hsiung, Taiwan, nobody needs fear going to the hospitals or clinics. In fact, most people love to visit the health institutions once in a while to rejuvenate their souls.

What with such beautiful and sexy nurses around these institution, and they were well publicised in bare body as well. You would really want to see how they look in real life.

Dr. En HerYa decided to win over his rival clinics by embarking on a trail of x-rated photo pamphlets and advertisement, using his clinic's nurses to do the job for him. He also do "demo" on them in public talks.

You will be surprise the nurses are actually trained as nurse and not top actress and model. The idea is to get you and me to fall sick so that these beautiful and gorgeous nurses can look after you when you can admitted into the clinic. You guys would I would love to fall sick even if it is a beauty and health care clinic.

For once, I no longer fear the Hospital, at least those in Taiwan. And for once I am looking forward to going into a hospital, and want to stay for as long as possible.

For the ladies, you can visit the clinic to find out why Dr En can cause all his nurses to sacrifice so much for him. He is indeed a ladies' men, and you would surely like to feel his magical touches that not only can heal but also can also steal your hearts away.

This is how the nurses look like during operating hours....

Fast Food style promotion turn to nudity

The promotion it seemed, is much tastier than the food or whatever being promoted here. Clearly it is becoming a trend for all new startups in China to turn to nudity and sex to win publicity and hence customers, as long as they did not break the law.

They did not break any rules here, these "chefs" were all dressed up according to the rules. Just that the rules did not say the dresses worn cannot be transparent. So there is a big loophole there, which the Chinese authority are not in a hurry to patch up. So let's enjoy the pics.


Nurse from ChongQing - shooting her own nude pics

This girl is a nurse from Chong Qing, China. From her uniform, can be trusted that that's true. She is so sexy, maybe she also like that during duty at night shift, who know? She certainly have a young and turgid body. The long working hours in the hospital, and the patients must have driven her to go nuts. She need to let loose her frustration before she kills herself. And what she did was very human. She turned to the internet, and photoshooting herself to bare her frustration for all to see. So let's help her to lighten her burden...