Students are replacing dogs in China

Oblivious to the surrounding, these supposedly high school students from province of Hunan, decided to give and take a quick shot from each other. This is irritating to the dogs and our peace-loving camera-holding student who is glad to film the whole doggie affair while enjoying it fully himself and later send it to cyberspace for eternity.

There is really not enough hotels or motels in China, and students seemed the most frustrated lot here in China. The dogs are getting angry. Maybe they should have a cubicle in the toilet for this purpose to avoid such public acts belonging to the domain of the dogs. The govt is probably right to have a one-child policy, else the population of China will double every year, now that baby-making is spilling into the open!

Hot Tai Lee - Another Asian Wonder

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Lady Gaga's Grammy Award Organ Display

Hoping to win more awards, perhaps, or was it just a old habits die hard? Whatever it is, you can never get bored with this lady. She just keeps throwing pictures of her sub-standard organs at you everyday of the week. She is wearing all sort of gadgets to hide the truth about her below par sexiness. Here is a little more of her tits and her crotch (rewards for those front-seating high-paying audiences...)