Lady Gaga's see-through top

Here’s Lady Gaga talking on the phone on her hotel’s balcony yesterday morning, braless and in a see-through top and if you discount every award show she appeared on and every music performance she’s given, yeah, the nips are something totally new (something akin to watching a Seinfeld rerun for the past decade).

After much hard deliberation as to whether Lady Gaga in the real is an acceptable human being (and by that we mean good enough to want to have sex with, without getting the impulse to stick our dick in a microwave and set it on high afterwards) we’ve come to the conclusion, that although Thanksgiving was yesterday, we must still be thankful for one more think: make-up…for if it wasn’t for you, we’d have to do away with the illusion that we have some sort of standards and face the fact that we’re dogs willing to bang just about everything with a semi-functioning vagina.