Melanie - better and hotter than Megan Fox

Never experienced nudes, let alone masturbate on camera, this hottie by the name of Melanie is excited to see if she can orgasm on camera! We watch her enter a change room, take her panties off, and then play with herself! Even though there is a camera there, and people passing by... She gets caught by two guys on a bike, and they want to watch! She flashes her breasts to them, then goes home. Masturbating with only her fingers, she takes her time to arouse herself, then has a very strong orgasm (notice the very strong & fast vaginal contractions!

Its pretty amazing to watch how her vagina moves to the intense orgasms. We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, her stretching her labia and gaping as wide as she can go. She is absolutely a fair lady, make no mistake about it. A clean and well-shaven angel from some lost paradise. She is here for us so enjoy it.


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  2. Which site is this? She looks rather like British actress Gemma Arterton (if only)

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