Leaked Pics of American-held Prisoners

Update: "Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Patrick Ryder tells USA Today that these images appeared in Wired magazine in February of last year. In addition, the Web site Raw Story ran the photos in 2006, though it acknowledges they went "largely unseen." They were also published in Salon."

Some of the photographs are part of a collection of over two thousand images of abuse at military prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan as outreach seeks to stop Barack Obama, were brought to light by the Australian SBS television.

According to information published by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo in its digital edition, the images were acquired in 2006 amid the scandal of the acts at Abu Graib, and were indeed made known then.

It is fifteen pictures which were also reproduced by the Australian newspaper Sydney Morning Herald, and the British Telegraph.

Elmundo.es describes the behind the scenes of a naked prisoner hanging upside down, a man with a body full of excrement remains while a guard is standing at his side, four naked prisoners, one with a written message on the buttocks that says' I am rapeist '(' I am a rapist "), and a man with his hands on his head and a white liquid slipping on his mouth.

Just last Wednesday, the U.S. president, Barack Obama, in a change in position of his government, said that he will refuse to broadcast pictures of military abuses against detainees abroad differ from those of the Iraqi prison of Abu Ghraib.

"Let me be very clear: I am concerned about the potential impact of dissemination of these photos on the safety of our troops," Obama explained adding that the content of these photos would further inflame anti-american feeling in different parts of the world where u.s troops remain stationed.

Be forewarned - Pics may be disturbing to some people.


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