Lindsay Lohan rocks in a bikini at Hawaii and Maui

Lindsay Lohan continues her Hawaiian vacation, which means, you got it, more bikini pictures. And I can’t decide if I should pitch this to you as an exciting thing or a bad thing. I will take the latter. But to heck with it, as long as she is on vacation, I am going to post the pictures. Get used to it. More pictures of Lindsay Lohan frolicking in a bikini, below.

Here is Lindsay Lohan in Maui this week, rockin’ out her bikini. I know, the first thing you are going to say is that she is too skinny. I beg to differ, I think she is a role model to girls everywhere. Ok, maybe she is skinny and maybe she does have an eating disorder, who knows? But also, who cares? Her boobs look great. Man, I am shallow, but its also a Tuesday so give me a break please.