France's First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy - Latest Nude Pics

It’s always struck me that French President Nicolas Sarkozy knew what he was getting into when he married Carla Bruni. It is either pure stupidity or blind lust. There’s something almost admirable about Carla’s refusal to be embarrassed by her extensive sexual past, and her two decades of bohemian life. Carla never lied about who she was or what she did - and I, for one, appreciate that. She understands that once a whore, always a whore. Just that there higher level and lower whores. The highest level ones go with Presidents and Prime Ministers.

When she was a model, Carla posed nude many, many times. And before she even met Sarkozy, she had a relationship with a married man, Raphael Enthoven. When they broke up, apparently Raphael still had many photographs and videos of Carla - many of them nudes, or perhaps even a few sex tapes. What to do with a sex tape of yourself with an ex? Raphael decided to hand these items over to his brother, Julien. He must have announced to the world when he did this.

Julien’s Paris apartment was just burgled - and the thieves got away with the photographs and the sex tapes. Police are investigating, but people feel strongly that sometime soon, a Carla Bruni sex tape will be leaked. It is strange that the burglar only interest is the sex items, and even stranger that the burglar knew the tape is with Julien.