Gary Ng started posting photographs of his latest sexploits

Well, Well! Gary is definitely improving as far as journalistic skills is concerned. He is now able to add photos to his videos. Photos were well taken too. He has placed it in his private blog at blogspot site called Garyng174.

Here they are, and for good measure, I have also added his recent couple of videos, one with a Shatec student and one with his accountant whose photos he took with. Men accountants had been having their fun, now is time for the lady accountant to take their revenge..... hee hee.

For once, we are to have a clear view of Gary's left hand, that he shaved his nails well, and he had a wedding ring on his "wedding" finger. Also, the little exposure we can make up of the woman mouth while blowing Gary's dick, show that the woman is not pretty and should be middle-aged. So we probably did not miss much when Gary blocked out her face.

Banging of 18 year-old ShaTec student Amanda Leong...(boring)

Banging of the accountant..(interesting)

The accountant pics...