Virginie Gervais - French Top FHM Model in hardcore

Virginie Gervais - French FHM Model
The Story: This French chick won the FHM "Hottest Neighbor" contest in France and then took her prize money and made this hardcore sex tape in an attempt to launch her career. Does she have what it takes? Actually she did quite well eversince.

More about her....
Virginie Gervais is a French model and porn star. She was born in Versailles, France to an Italian father and an German mother. In 2005, she was the winner of FHM France's "High Street Honeys" competition. It was later discovered that she made an adult film before being famous, which appeared soon on the Internet and quickly propelled her to fame.

In 2002, a German porn producer contacted Virginie. He proposed that she appear in his next film... X, Anmacherinnen 15: Enge Spalten. Recently, she started her own website,, and appeared with the new model name Virginie Caprice, as her success continues and increases her appearances in TV commercials, music videos, films and magazines. Moreover, in 2007 she participated in another X-rated film, the recent Story of Virginie (2007), produced by Marc Dorcel.

In February 2008, she played the role of a stripper in Episode 10 of the French TV series, Paris enquêtes criminelles. The episode, Un cri dans la nuit (A Cry in the Dark) was broadcast on TF1 in February 2008.

Virginie Caprice appears as an icon model for a series in fashion magazine Beauty Flow.